Repair Request and Authorization

Use this form to request a computer repair. I will contact you based on the information provided to set up a date and time.


    RemotelyDrop-offIn-person at location belowPick-up from location belowOther (elaborate below)

    I (the client) hereby agree that George W. Walker is not responsible for any data loss due to the repair. I also acknowledge that repair times are estimates and can vary greatly. I understand that I can cancel my repair at any time, in which case I will be held accountable for any costs incurred up to the point the repair is cancelled. I agree that George W. Walker can install used parts unless agreed upon otherwise. I understand that all repairs come with a 30-day labor warranty, and that this warranty does not cover defects in parts. I understand that any claims of damages done by the work (dents, scratches, etc…) must be made at the pickup time and not after. Claims made after are null and void. I authorize George W. Walker to perform the work necessary to repair/upgrade my computer. I understand that my acceptance of these terms is required for all repairs. I also understand that I will be held responsible for payment for all services rendered. I understand that payment is due at the completion of the repair and that payments more than 30 days overdue will be assessed a 5% per month (compounded monthly) fee. I also understand that equipment left more than 60 days after notification that it is ready to be picked up will be considered abandoned and subject to disposal at the discretion of George W. Walker.

    I agree to the above terms